Short Description:
Right-angled roll-frame steel constructions are known as MS channels, or mild steel channels. Buildings and other intricate technical applications employ them because of their capacity to carry horizontal gravity pressures. Because of their shape and appearance, they are often referred to as C-channels.
Manufacturers SDE , TATA SHAKTEE , Jindal , SAIL
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Specifications :

Specification Value
Material Mild Steel
Size Various sizes available
Thickness 4 to 12 mm
Length 6 to 12 meters
Weight Varies based on size and thickness

Applications :

  • Used in construction for making frames, roof trusses, and various other structural components.
  • Used in the manufacturing of truck trailers, cargo containers, and other transportation equipment.
  • Used in the production of machine tools, conveyor systems, and industrial equipment.
  • Used in the construction of bridges, piers, and other large structures where strength and stability are critical.
  • Used in the fabrication of support structures for solar panels and other renewable energy systems.
  • Used in the construction of transmission towers, communication towers, and other infrastructure projects.