Praycab Gold Multi -Strand House Wiring - (Single Core) 10.00 Sqmm

Short Description:
Praycab Gold Multi -Strand wiring is a Power cables, extension cords, multi stand wire, copper single core PVC insulated cable, and many others. Our expert personnel and advanced manufacturing techniques are used to create these products. These are well regarded by our customers due to their great quality, solid construction, extended lifespan, and low power consumption.
Manufacturer Praycab Gold
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Product Specification 

* Wire Size - 10.00  Sqmm 

* Roll Length- 90 mm 

* Insulatuion Material - PVC

* Nominal area - 140/.30

* Conductor- Copper 

* Current Amp - 54 amp

* Number Of Cores - Single Core 

* Conductor Stranding - Multistranded


Praycab Gold Multi - Strand Wiring is a use of Townhomes, condo buildings, senior living communities, and hotels are examples of multi-dwelling structures with unique electrical needs and difficulties. The demand for electric charging stations is being fueled by new car technology, which is the most crucial factor. Their special needs are met by large, repeated zones, firewalls, and steel-studded buildings.

Safety for occupants and property results from good installations performed by licenced and experienced electricians. Flickering lights, frequent electrical surges, and circuit overloads can all be prevented with the right controls, wiring, and safety devices