Multimeter -Model Number:28 II, Digit Display:4 Digit

Short Description:
Multiple electrical stimuli, including voltage, current, and resistance, are measured and verified by a digital multimeter, or DMM. It combines the functions of a voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter and is used often by technicians and electrical engineers for diagnostic purposes.
Manufacturer FLUKE
Manufacturer part number 28 II
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

Model Number Fluke 28 II
Brand Fluke
Warranty 1 Year
Digit Display 4 Digit
Usage Industrial,Laboratory
Features Digital


A multimeter, commonly referred to as a multitester or volt-ohm-milliampmeter, is a type of electronic measuring device that integrates many measurement tasks into a single device. A digital multimeter has a graphical bar that depicts the measurement value in addition to a numeric display.

Digital multimeters are renowned for making analogue multimeters obsolete since they are physically more robust, more accurate, and less expensive. A multimeter is a portable tool that may be used for field service operations and simple problem finding. It may also be described as a device that measures something extremely accurately.