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-30 September 2022
A pneumatic tool works with compressed air rather than electricity. All pneumatic tools require an air compressor to generate a pressurized burst of air to function. Because pneumatic tools may perform a broad range of jobs, it's critical to understand how much air a specific tool will use and how much pressure is required to execute its function. A tool's volume and pressure requirements will determine the strength of the air compressor needed to power your device.
-23 September 2022
Voltage ranges vary by country and location, but all-in-one converters can convert them to a standard. As a result, a universal travel adaptor is required for each overseas journey, regardless of whether you're travelling with a smartphone, laptop, headphones, camera, or curling iron. If the voltage used by your smartphone charger or laptop (or any other electrical equipment) matches the voltage of your location, all you need is a travel adapter.
-15 September 2022
Material handling equipment refers to a wide range of instruments, vehicles, storage units, devices, and equipment used in transporting, storing, regulating, enumerating, and protecting commodities at any stage of production, distribution, consumption, or disposal. The loading, unloading, and transportation of items within a factory or warehouse, particularly mechanical devices, are referred to as material handling. Material handling equipment refers to gadgets that assist a warehouse in its operations by transporting and storing commodities.
-09 September 2022
One of the primary reasons people pick stainless steel is its benefits and physical features, the most well-known of which is its corrosion resistance, but there are many more. The fact that stainless steel is resistant to high and a low temperature implies that it may be employed in various applications and industries. While certain stainless steels keep muscular strength at high temperatures, others maintain excellent mechanical qualities at cryogenic temperatures.
-03 September 2022
The primary distinction between Stainless Steel and Mild Steel is that mild steel is constituted mostly of iron and carbon, whereas stainless steel is composed mainly of iron and chromium. So, let’s find a few more differences between Stainless Steel and Mild Steel.
-27 August 2022
MVIKAS is considered the best B2B Marketplace in India as it serves as a medium of communication between the buyers and sellers and other benefits that help in soothing the entire process. It is the best B2B Marketplace in India because it provides security, confidentiality, and several other benefits. It is a platform for digital distribution for all enterprises. It is an ecosystem in which clients identify their requirements and then communicate with suppliers once they have received quotes.
-20 August 2022
The steel demand is increasing, while the need for iron ore is decreasing. Steel futures prices are high due to various causes, including tariffs placed by the government on imported steel and pent-up demand in the industry following the epidemic. Steel demand is declining due to pandemic lockdowns and slowed construction activity. There's a lot of bad energy going around. Several factors have a significant impact on the global expansion of the steel business.
-10 August 2022
A small business operates on a small scale and requires less capital investment, fewer employees, and fewer machinery to run. Small scale industries, often known as small businesses, create goods and services on a small scale. Small businesses include grocery stores, medical stores, merchants, bakeries, and small manufacturing units. Small businesses are self-owned enterprises that require less money, employees, and little or no machinery.
-05 August 2022
The B2B e-commerce market is rapidly expanding. The B2B e-commerce sector was valued at a whopping $14.9 trillion. The covid epidemic has compelled businesses to embrace and rely on ecommerce technologies to maintain efficient operations. Paper-based and manual transactions were phased out, favoring more efficient software-based technologies. Large corporate procurement departments primarily engaged directly with regular suppliers for indirect procurements. B2B enterprises will outspend their B2C counterparts on e-commerce technologies by 2022.
-16 February 2022
Abhinav Kumar, the founder of M-Vikas is a fervid believer of the fact, ‘The moment one conceives an idea, no matter how onerous the path maybe, once you set into action and put in diligent efforts, there is nothing that can restrict your way to success.’ Being a Chartered Accountant by profession, he never failed to prove his merit while practicing with the numerous firms he was associated with. In the year 2010, he resolved to secure the storage of the goods such as rice, grains and processed sugar in an organized manner and that is when he built a warehouse in the Brijnor district of Uttar Pradesh spread over an area of 1,40,000 sq feet.