-03 February 2023
The steel sector is responsible for 7% of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions and 2% of the GDP. With expanded production to fulfill local and international demand, the present annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the steel industry are predicted to grow from 242 Mt to double by 2030 and treble by 2050. Decarbonizing the steel industry is significant from the standpoint of the global regulatory environment that is now developing.
-27 January 2023
The construction industry is one of India's most intense competitors, with a compound annual growth rate of 10% by 2027. We will be the world's third-largest construction market by 2025. The construction sector alone accounts for 9% of India's GDP, making it the second largest industry after agriculture. The Indian construction industry has faced significant challenges and successes due to central sector programs, new reforms, and foreign direct investments.
-20 January 2023
Market volatility in the steel sector is similar to that of any other industry. Demand rises or declines in response when steel prices fluctuate due to major geopolitical events. As demand declines, so do prices, and vice versa.
-12 January 2023
Steel slabs make flat steel products such as plates, strips, hollow sections, large-diameter welded pipes, and structural beams. The increase in Flat Steel pricing is mostly due to rising production costs. Making this the first rise offered by the steelmaker since March 2022.
-06 January 2023
As fan heaters are unsealed appliances with live electric parts within, they should not be used in damp situations due to the danger of electrical damage if moisture creates a conductive channel to electrically-live parts. It often contains a thermal fuse next to the heating element(s) to avoid overheating damage in the case of fan failure or air intakes getting clogged, as well as a tip-over switch to turn off the heater when the fan outlet is not oriented correctly.
-30 December 2022
Technology helps MSMEs boost their online visibility and consumer interaction. As a result, technology is a vital role in the growth of small enterprises. It enhances manufacturing processes, adds value, and lowers operating costs.
-23 December 2022
The construction industry is the industrial division of production and trade concerned with infrastructure construction, repair, renovation, and maintenance. The construction industry includes businesses primarily involved in constructing structures or engineering projects (e.g., highways and utility systems). It is a field of industry and trade that focuses on the construction, maintenance, and repair of buildings.
-17 December 2022
To select a pump that matches your requirements, you must first establish its qualities based on its intended usage. To begin, you must establish what medium will be conveyed to minimize corrosion phenomena and hence premature pump wear. It is consequently necessary to understand the chemical composition of the medium to be pumped, its consistency, and the presence of solid components.
-09 December 2022
Air filters and purifiers eliminate allergens from your home's air. Several types of air filters are available, with some performing better than others. An air filter is put in your heating, ventilation, or air-conditioning system to purify the air throughout your house.
-01 December 2022
You have several alternatives when purchasing a water heater, often known as a geyser. You can always purchase the electric variety, which is usually found in every household, or invest in a gas geyser, which is less popular but has a wide range of applications. While both types of water heaters serve comparable functions, they do so in distinct ways.