OVASTAR 2 Rod Quartz Heater - 800 WATT

Short Description:
OVASTAR - This heater may be placed anywhere in the house and is quite portable. When it comes to getting through the cold, this is the ultimate convenience. Because all that is needed to plug the device in is an electrical outlet, it is also quite easy to instal. A heater's primary function is to disperse heat into a space to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the winter. You will undoubtedly find the necessity to get a portable room heater if you reside in Northern India or a hill region.
Manufacturer OVASTAR
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Product Specification

* Wattage : 800 W / 220 V / 50Hz

* Quartz Heating Element (400 W * 2 Rods)

* Safety Tip-Over Switch, Safety Mesh Grill For Protection

* Individual On/Off Switch For Rod Selection

* I S I Safety·         Safety Cut Off



If you smell burning when you turn on your room heater for the first time, do not be alarmed. This is a result of the first heating of the motor varnish. Since the product is made entirely in India, the issue shouldn't come up again.
Bright nickel chrome-plated reflector, tilting legs, and nickel chrome-plated mesh grid 2000 watts of power; 230 volts of operating voltage
an excellent heating element, When first used, the product can emit an oil-burning smell and some smoke, but those symptoms will disappear in 3–4 days.

Quality control in accordance with international standards, overheating protection, production in accordance with departmental standards, high durability, high efficiency.