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OVASTAR THREE RODS HALOZEN HEATER - With style, add some cosiness to your interiors. Turn on the sophisticated RH3HT1000 and notice the difference. With its broad oscillation capability, this fashionable product with a dual tone elegant design ensures optimal performance. This product is designed to guarantee quick heating and safeguard against overheating. Additionally, the product has Automatic Tip Over Protection features.
Manufacturer OVASTAR
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Product Specification

* Efficient Warmth: Ideal for use in in small rooms, this noiseless 1200 Watts heater provides instant heating during winters. Effective Cord Length (in meters) 1.5

* Personalized Comfort: Customize to your heating needs with three heat settings (400W / 800W / 1200W)

* Peace of Mind: Featuring dual safety device: Tip over switch against tilting and a Thermal fuse

* Warranty: 1 years warranty provided by Candes from date of purchase, covers on manufacturing defects kindly read the usermanual for                       more details

* Dual Safety Assurance: Thermal Fuse, Safety tilt switch to safeguard against improper installation


Electric heating uses relatively inexpensive tools to directly convert electrical energy into heat energy with a conversion efficiency of roughly 100%. Applications that are frequently used include industrial processes, cooking, water heating, and space heating. An electrical appliance that transforms an electric current into heat is called an electric heater. Every electric heater contains a heating element that is an electrical resistor and operates on the principle of Joule heating. When an electric current flows through a resistor, the electrical energy is transformed into heat energy. The active element in most contemporary electric heaters is nichrome wire; the heating element shown on the right is nichrome wire supported by ceramic insulators.