Overspeed/Underspeed Monitor-KFU8-DW-1.D

Short Description:
Overspeed/Underspeed can determine whether a digital signal (NAMUR sensor/mechanical contact) from a dangerous location is travelling at an excessively high or excessively low speed by comparing the input frequency to the user-programmed reference frequency.
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Product Specification 

* Display:4 Digit

* 7 Segment

* Keypad:Driven Menu

* RPM:0.01 to 0.9999

* Timer Function:On/Off Delay

* Supply Voltage Rating:230VAC/24VDC

* Output:1 C/O NO/NC

* Contact Voltage Rating:250 VAC at 2A

* Output Delay:25 MS

* Ingress Protection:IP20

* Ambient Temperature:50 Deg C

* Sensor Supply Voltage Rating:10-30 VDC

* Connectable Sensor:2, 3, 4 Wire

* Namur, PNP, NPN, NO, NC

* Mounting:35 MM Din Rail

NOTE:Warranty/Guarantee Certificate Along With Test Report To Accompany Supply.


Model: KFU8-DW-1 or Equivalent.


Overspeed/Underspeed Monitor compares the input frequency to the user-programmed reference frequency to detect overspeed or underspeed conditions in a digital signal. Through the relay outputs, an overspeed or underspeed condition is signalled. A red LED and relay serve as line fault detection indicators for the field circuit.