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Picture of LED Lamp (9W-10W)-B22d Cap

LED Lamp (9W-10W)-B22d Cap

LED Lamp is a light source that uses light-emitting diodes to produce light. When compared to identical incandescent lamps, LED lamps are much more energy-efficient. They can also be significantly more efficient than the majority of fluorescent lamps.
₹ 236.00 ₹ 311.00
Picture of LED Downlight (Prime Plus)-Wattage:15W

LED Downlight (Prime Plus)-Wattage:15W

LED Downlight (Prime Plus)-Wattage:15W Specications & Features • Now brighter at 75 lumens/watt • Eye Comfort Technology: Designed for low glare, reduced icker and no blue light hazard* • Wide voltage protection (160-360V) • Surge protection up to 2.5KV
₹ 860.00
Picture of LED Drive-Make:Philips

LED Drive-Make:Philips

LED Drive-Make:Philips
₹ 230.00 ₹ 403.00
Picture of Led Lamps-0.5W

Led Lamps-0.5W

Led Lamps-0.5W
₹ 37.90 ₹ 70.00
Picture of Led Lamps-2.7W

Led Lamps-2.7W

Led Lamps-2.7W AceSaver 2.7W 230lm B22 6500K P45
₹ 90.10 ₹ 130.00
Picture of Led Lamps-4W

Led Lamps-4W

Led Lamps-4W AceSaver 4W 350lm B22 6500K P45
₹ 93.45 ₹ 135.00