POLYCAB Pvc Insulated Copper Wire Size- 0.75 mm

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POLYCAB Pvc Insulated Copper Wire is used in the construction of power transformers, panel boards, electric motors, etc. For usage in a variety of industries, we provide an exclusive selection of PVC-insulated wires, power cables, and electrical power cables.
Manufacturer POLYCAB
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Product Specification 

* Roll Legth - 90 mtrs.

* Brand - Polycab

* Voltage  - 1100 Volts

* Conductor Material - Copper 

* Insulation Thickness - 0.75 mm 

* Current  Carrying Capacity - 10 A


Because of its excellent electrical conductivity and enhanced annealability, electrolytic-tough pitch (ETP) copper, a high-purity copper that uses oxygen as an alloying agent, is used for the majority of electrical conductor applications. Power transmission, power distribution, and telecommunications all employ ETP copper. Building wire, motor windings, electrical cables, and busbars are examples of common applications. In applications needing better ductility and requiring significant amounts of cold work, oxygen-free coppers are utilised to prevent hydrogen embrittlement ( telecommunications cable). Phosphorus may be added to copper if hydrogen embrittlement is a problem but low electrical resistivity is not necessary.