Protul Bearring Set Installer Dia - 10-55mm

Short Description:
A bearing is a component of a machine that limits relative motion to only that motion that is intended and lessens friction between moving elements. The bearing's design may, for instance, permit free rotation around a fixed axis or free linear movement of the moving part. It may also serve to prohibit motion by managing the vectors of normal forces acting on the moving parts.
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Product Specification 

* Material: Iron

* Impact Ring:Inner 

* Diameter: 10-55mm (0.39-2.1 in)

* Outer Diameter:26-120mm (1.02-4.7 in)

* Maximum Length of the Sleeve Axle:Sleeve A: 220 mm (8.7 in)

* Sleeve B: 220 mm (8.7 in)Sleeve C: 225mm (8.9 in)

* Package List:37 x Bearing and Seal Installation Tool1 x Rubber Hammer


There are thrust loads at play. Due to their construction, ball bearings can tolerate axial loads.
not any hefty weights. The bearings focus all the force into a small number of points of contact since their rolling parts are fashioned like balls. This may lead to early collapse under heavy loads.
high rates. Reduced friction is another benefit of the ball bearing's small point of contact. With these kinds of bearings, high speeds can be reached more readily because there is less resistance to overcome..