Random Access Memory (RAM)-8GB

Short Description:
Usually used to store working data and machine code, random-access memory (RAM) is a type of computer memory that can be read and modified in any sequence. Whatever their physical position inside the memory, data objects can be read or written in virtually the same amount of time using a random-access memory device.
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Product Specification 

* Type:DDR4

* Memory Architecture:Dual Channel

* Internal Memory Capacity:8 GB

* Memory Clock Speed:2400 MHz

* Memory Form Factor:DIMM

* Number of Pins:288

* Ram Compatible with:Desktop/Server

* Buffered RAM:No

* Warranty:3 Year


Your computer's temporary memory bank, known as RAM, is where it keeps the data it's now working with. RAM maintains information readily available so it may be recovered quickly, preventing your CPU from using long-term storage to finish up urgent processing activities.