Ratcheting L Series Electric Torque Wrench - Model Name:9TWTR-100

Short Description:
Ratcheting L Series Electric Torque Wrench tightens nuts and bolts to a certain torque value, use a torque wrench. With the use of this tool, fasteners can be properly tightened, preventing harm from being caused by over tightening or joints breaking apart as a result of under tightening. This means that using the proper torque measurement is crucial for equipment safety, assembly, and performance.
Manufacturer 9 TORC
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Manufacturer part number 9TWTR-100
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

* Power Consumption    Electric
* Model Name    9TWTR-100
* Brand    9 TORC
* Warranty    1 year
* SQUARE DRIVE     3/8'' 


These tools are utilised throughout a wide range of industries, including construction, automotive, and household maintenance and repairs. This tool should always be used in situations when screws and bolts need to be tight and secure. With the help of these instruments, the user can gauge the force being applied to fasteners to make sure it complies with the job's necessary standards.