Rotary Vane Lpg Pump, Max Flow Rate: 15kg In 2 Minutes

Short Description:
LPG There is no internal metal-to-metal contact in the Rotary Vane Pump choices, which guards against the possibility of parts wearing out prematurely. Low viscosity liquids can be handled by them successfully because of their design.
Manufacturer MALHAR
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Manufacturer part number RV-1
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

  • Pump Type:-Rotary Vane Pump
  • Pump Make:- “MALHAR”
  • Pump Model:- RV-1,
  • Inlet x Outlet size :- ½” x ½”BSP(FEMALE)
  • Pump Capacity :- 7 kg/minute, Maximum
  • Pressure :- 13 kg/cm2
  • Pump Weight :- 5 kg approx (without motor), 33kg (with motor)


Rotary-vane pumps, which in two-stage versions may produce pressures significantly lower than 106 bar, are another popular vacuum pump design. These can be used for a range of jobs, including as operating the gyroscopic flying instruments in most light aircraft, removing refrigerant lines during the installation of air conditioners, freezing food in a lab, and carrying out physics experiments in vacuum. Large trucks and diesel-powered passenger cars are just a couple of examples (their engines do not produce intake vacuum). The oil and gas that the vane pump pumps are mixed together inside the pump, thus they need to be separated externally.