Rotor Axial Fan ( Suction) - Size 18", 230V, 250W

Short Description:
Rotor axial fans, also referred to as propeller fans, are a common type of fan used in industry. When mounted in a duct, they are known as tube axial and vane axial fans. They have a rotating shaft that is driven by a motor, and skewed blades are mounted on it.
Manufacturer Powervent
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Manufacturer part number PV-ERAF- 450 (S)
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Product Specification

  • Rotor Axial Fan ( Suction ) 
  • Size - 18" 
  • Supply - 230V
  • Power - 250W


Axial, centrifugal, and other types of fans, such as the rotor axial fan, are available. Axial fans, a type of industrial fan, help to cool down machinery and equipment. They enable air to move perpendicular to the rotor shaft, ventilating the device and preventing overheating.