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Short Description:
An MS angle, sometimes referred to as a Mild Steel angle, is a cross-section with a L shape that is employed in a number of home and building construction projects. Angles made of mild steel that have two equal-sized sides and form a 90-degree angle are significantly more typical. Price Per kg Qty unit in kg
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Product Specification

* Make  : SAIL

* Size :  75x75x6 MM 

* Weight (in Kg/sq. m) : 6.800 Approx  

* Usage/Application : Construction

* Grade In Available : ISA E250BR

* Material  :  Mild Steel

* Standard Length : 12 Meters

* Thickness  : 6mm

* Shape  : L Shaped


1. MS Angels are employed in the production of the following:

* Tractor-trailers

* Gantry and EOT cranes

* Elevators and escalators

* Ship construction

* Industrial sheds

* Vehicle Body

* Transmission and communication towers

* Conveyors, boilers, and farm machinery

* Bridge construction

* Scaffolding, as well as numerous other industrial and engineering sectors.

2. MS angle is an L-shaped cross-section utilised in architecture and structure construction.

3. MS steel angles with two equal-sized sides that make a 90-degree angle are the ones that are utilised the most frequently.