Mild Steel Plate (Sheet) - Size : 1250 x 5000 x 3MM

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Mild steel plates, commonly referred to as low carbon steel plates, are structurally sound plates utilised in a variety of industrial and general construction projects. Mild steel plates have a good weldability, are ductile, and are simple to process. Price are Per Kg. Qty all are in kg
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Product Specification

* Make  : SAIL 

1250 x 5000 x 3MM     

* Usage/Application : Construction    

* Grade In Available  : E250 and E350
* Material  :  Mild Steel

* Standard Length :  12000MM

* Thickness  : 8 mm


* Broad and Generic kinds of steel that come in the shape of a plate are known as mild steel plates.

* They are also employed in the construction of railroad stations, buildings, bridges, and warehouses.

* With their wide range of mechanical qualities and grades, MS plates are a great option for any industry.

* Mild steel, a low-carbon alloy, is used in a variety of applications. It is ideal for use in high-temperature environments and in the building of tanks, heat transfer systems, and other structures due to its properties.

* Although mild steel can be cast or forged, it is often rolled into sheets for further processing.

* Carbon and stainless steel are the two most common types of steel.

* Carbon steel is more prone to corrosion and less durable than stainless steel.

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