Scaffolding Spigot Pin Size 38 mm Od 300 mm long

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Short Description:
A scaffolding spigot pin is a metal pin used in construction to connect two scaffolding tubes together. It is also sometimes called a joint pin or connector pin. The spigot pin size 38mm OD 300mm long refers to a specific type of spigot pin with an outer diameter of 38mm and a length of 300mm.
Manufacturers SDE , Jindal , SAIL , Tata
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Specification Value
Material Steel or aluminum alloy
Outer diameter 38mm
Length 300mm
Shape Usually tapered or pointed at one end to fit into the tube, with a flat end or a flange at the other end
Finish Typically galvanized or painted for corrosion resistance


  • Building and maintenance of high-rise buildings
  • Bridge construction and maintenance
  • Renovation and repair work
  • Industrial construction and maintenance