Screw Air Compressor Couplings - Grade:OEM

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Short Description:
Mechanical connections called screw air compressor couplings are used to join the compressor motor and pump, allowing power to be transferred from the motor to the pump. These couplings are available in a number of sizes and types to accommodate various compressor models. They can be produced from a variety of materials, including metal and plastic. The same business that created the original compressor equipment also designs and manufactures OEM (original equipment manufacturer) screw air compressor couplings.
Manufacturer ANAND
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Product Specification

Compressor Type Screw Compressor
Compressor Technology SCREW COMPRESSOR
Air Compressor Model ALL
Spare Type Compressor Filters
Grade OEM


The process of filtration is an important segment of every chemical and hydraulic industry, as it helps in weeding out all possible impurities from the products. Anand Filters, a name synonymous with perfection and commitment, was incepted in the year 2002.