Square,Round Slim LED Panel Light - WATTAG:9W

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Short Description:
High-performance, incredibly thin, flat, and appealing luminaries are LED panel lights. LED panels are available in three different shapes: square, rectangular, and circular. Which of the three is best for your room will be obvious based on your choices for design and d├ęcor.
Manufacturer ARV
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Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

Brand ARV
Shape Square,Round
Lighting Type LED
Features 50 % more energy savings than CFL
Cri Ra 80-83
Model Number Zensta SC-101-LD-1003
Luminous 240 - 255 Lumens
LED Qty 15
Colors WW/NW/CW
Round Light Diameter 90 mm
Round Light Cut Out 70 mm
Square Light Dimension 90 x 90 mm
Square Light Cut Out 70 x 70 mm
Life 2 Years of Long Life


Being a relatively new technology, it is safe to state that LED panel lights' promise has not yet been fully realised. The applications for LED panel lighting will grow as the sector matures. However, they already enjoy widespread recognition for their benefits over their high intensity discharge and fluorescent counterparts.