SUPREME AQUA GOLD MOULDED PIPE FITTING EQUAL TREE - SCH 40 Tank Connector with union (Size-32mm)

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SUPREME AQUA GOLD MOULDED PIPE FITTING EQUAL TREE - SCH40 EQUAL TEE (Size-32mm) - "45 bends or 45 ells" are other names for 45-degree pipe elbows. To join tubes at a 45° pipe angle, use a 45° pipe elbow. This pipe fitting device, as its name suggests, is bent to generate a 45° change in the direction of the fluid or gas flowing through the pipe.
Manufacturer Supreme Aqua Gold
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Product Specification

* Brand - Aqua Gold Supreme

* Size - 32mm

* Size in Inch - 11/4''

* Package - 35



A union is a threaded fitting that enables pipework to be disconnected and reconnected without the pipe moving horizontally. It can be a separate pipe fitting that joins two pieces of pipe or it can be a crucial component of another fitting that allows for separation, like a ball valve. with U-PVC Tank Connector A U-PVC pipe is joined to a liquid storage tank via a union. The fitting features one plain end for connecting to a fitting or valve with the same diameter and one threaded end with two back nuts to make it easier to attach to a tank wall.