Surya Gas Geyser, Capacity(Liter): 6 - 7 Liter

Short Description:
A geyser water heater is a device for heating water that uses electric current and a big tank to hold the heated water for an extended period of time. An electric heating element constructed of nichrome makes up the heating element in an electric geyser water heater, which heats the water in the storage tank.
Manufacturer SURYA
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

* Brand - Surya 

* Capicity - 6-7 Litre

* Colour - White

* Type - Gas 

* Energy Rating - 7 Star



An electric heating element constructed of nichrome is the main component of an electric geyser water heater. This element heats the water that is kept in the storage tank. The entrance valve of the geyser heater allows cold water to enter the tank, where it is heated internally.