Tail Light (Super ACE)-Part No.1090

Short Description:
The Tata Super Ace's tail light is a strong, dependable lighting option created to improve vehicle safety and visibility. To resist challenging driving conditions, this tail light is constructed of high-quality materials. It is also engineered to be simple to install and maintain. With its four chambers and powerful LED lighting, the Tata Super Ace Tail Light makes sure that other drivers can see the car from a safe distance. The lamp is made to withstand environmental conditions, and its hard exterior shields the delicate internal parts from harm brought on by exposure to the elements.
Manufacturer MOTOLAMP
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Manufacturer part number 1090
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

  • Part No. : 1090
  • Model : Super ACE
  • Product Type : Tail Light
  • Four-chamber design with amber turn signal and red brake/running light
  • High-quality plastic construction for durability and weather resistance
  • Easy to install and compatible with the OEM wiring and mounting points
  • Complies with all relevant safety standards and regulations


When a vehicle is being utilised to move goods and resources, it is frequently used in commercial and industrial contexts. For uses like construction, logistics, and distribution, as well as for emergency response and service trucks, it is the perfect lighting option. The Tata Super Ace Tail Light is an indispensable part for anyone operating a Tata Super Ace since it is a dependable and high-quality lighting solution that is intended to provide outstanding visibility and safety for the vehicle and its occupants.