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Tall Tubular Type Battery (Solargetic)-Capacity@C10:150Ah/60M

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Tubular batteries are those batteries in which a series of tubes are placed beside each other vertically, hence the name. The vertical placement of the tubes delay the corrosion process and improve the current flow. Unlike a flat plate battery that has a grid-like structure, a tubular battery has a comb-like structure..
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Product Specification 

* Tall Tubular Type Battery (Solargetic)

* Capacity@C10:150Ah

* Gross Weight:62.5 Kg


Heavy appliances can be efficiently operated with a tall tubular battery. These inverter batteries, which are a type of Lead -acid battery, have higher temperature resistance and larger plates that help them tolerate more rough handling without breakdown. These larger plates or electrodes also make these inverter batteries last longer.

There are several types of electrochemical power sources (also known as galvanic cells, voltaic cells or batteries). A battery is defined as an electrochemical device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. The subject of battery comes under electrochemistry, which is simply defined as the subject which deals with the interconversion of chemical energy and electrical energy. In this article we will discuss more in detail about tubular plates and semi tubular plate.

These cells produce electrical energy by spontaneous oxidation-reduction reactions (redox reactions) involving the chemicals in the positive, negative electrodes and electrolyte, occurring in each electrode, called a half cell. The chemical energy in the active materials converted into electrical energy. The electrons produced in the reduction reaction goes through the external circuit connecting the two half-cells, thus producing an electric current.