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Tall Tubular Type Battery (Explore)-Capacity@C20:150Ah/24M

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Tall Tubular Batteries last more than standard batteries or flat pate batteries. With frequent maintenance, tall tubular batteries can last for 5-7 years, given that you pick a reliable brand, such as Luminous.
Manufacturer HVR SOLAR
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Manufacturer part number HVR1524T
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification 

* Tall Tubular Type Battery (Explore)

* Capacity@C20:150Ah

* Gross Weight:56 Kg


Heavy appliances can be efficiently operated with a tall tubular battery. These inverter batteries, which are a type of  lead -acid battery, have higher temperature resistance and larger plates that help them tolerate more rough handling without breakdown. These larger plates or electrodes also make these inverter batteries last longer.

If you are looking to operate a few heavy appliances such as TV or Air Conditioners, Tall Tubular batteries can be the right pick. Even though they can handle higher voltage load well as compared to other types of inverter batteries, it is not recommended to strain tall tubular batteries with excessive loads that they are not built to handle.