TATA TISCON Mild Steel TMT Bar (Saria) - 16MM

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Short Description:
TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are High-Strength reinforcement bars having a tough outer core and a soft inner core. The very first step of the manufacturing process involves passing the steel wires through a Rolling Mill stand. Price are Per Kg. Qty unit in kg
Manufacturer Tata
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Product Specification

* Make  : TATA TISCON 

* Diameter  :  16MM

* Usage/Application : Construction

* Grade In Available :  FE 500D and FE 550D 

* Material  :  Mild Steel

* Standard Length : 12m and 6m (also available on requirement)


* Globally many a buildings collapsed due to fire hazards, TMT Bars can absorb heat up to 600 degree Celsius.

* For all type of construction purposes TMT Bar is mandatory and it makes every structure strong and everlasting.
* TMT bars are widely used in the constructing buildings and other concrete structures.
* These bars are used to reinforce the concrete.
* Concrete has good compressive strength, this is why TMT bars are required for additional reinforcement.
* TMT bars forms a strong bond with the concrete.