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Torchshield Primer is developed in accordance with ASTM D/41 and is a solvent-based bitumen modified primer. Additionally, it serves as a binder for the dust particles that are captured in the air. even after cleaning, collected on the concrete surface............
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Product Specification 

* Torchshield Primer

* 20Ltr Pack


* Concrete roof (Sloped/Flat roofs).
* Basements and swimming pools (Externally).
* Car park and irrigation canals lining.
* Concrete retaining structures.
* Tunnels and subways..............

* Align the roll correctly & re-roll it in alignment before torching.
* Heat the substrate and underside to the softening point using a gas burner. Roll forward and firmly press against the substrate to bond from the lower end to the higher end as soon as the embossing fades.
* Ensure that a steady flow of bitumen is maintained across the whole width of the Roll and that a bead of bitumen is extruded from each edge to demonstrate that a good seal has been achieved. * Maintain an overlap margin for minimum 100 mm with end laps of a minimum of 150 mm. DO NOT use a trowel to flatten the bead. To guarantee excellent bondage, all angles and abutments upstands should be sealed with great care. Use a polysulfide, polyurethane, or bitumastic sealant to thoroughly seal the edges into the grooves and maintain the seal.