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Picture of Axial Flow Fan-125-500 CFM

Axial Flow Fan-125-500 CFM

Tubeaxial fans are designed to handle a wide range of requirements, from general ventilation to process air supply. The mounting flexibility makes it an ideal choice for many industrial and commercial applications. Units are available as direct or belt driven, with steel or aluminum propellers that are fixed or adjustable blade pitch. Vaneaxial fans are designed for applications where large volumes of air are required at moderate to high pressures. Direct and belt driven models, with fixed and adjustable blade propellers, are available. The tubular design and high wheel efficiency provides maximum performance while using minimal space.
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Picture of Axial Flow Fan

Axial Flow Fan

In general, an axial-flow fan is suitable for a larger flow rate with a relatively small pressure gain and a centrifugal fan for comparatively smaller flow rate and a large pressure rise. They are used to supply fresh air, to suck air from return air trenches, to suck air from rotary filters, to exhaust air out etc.
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Picture of Centrifugal Blower

Centrifugal Blower

The centrifugal blowers are used in industries where there is a requirement for larger volumes of airflow with high pressure. They are highly useful in industrial processes like conveying material in dust collector systems, combustion air for burners, drying and cooling, general ventilation, and circulation of air.
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Picture of Industrial Motorized Roof Exhaust Fan

Industrial Motorized Roof Exhaust Fan

Roof ventilators provide cost effective, general purpose exhaust ventilation of commercial buildings as well as a large variety of industrial applications. Typically, an exhaust fan is placed in a room such as the kitchen or bathroom to remove stale, muggy or dirty air. As stated, exhaust fans work by removing unwanted odors, moisture, smoke and other pollutants in the air.
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Picture of Industrial Dust Collector

Industrial Dust Collector

An industrial dust collector works by removing airborne contaminants from the workplace by moving the particles through a fan system. The movement of the airstream is accelerated by the force of the fan and the resistance that is created by the buildup of dust in the carrier medium.
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Picture of Hot Air Blower-Centrifugal Type

Hot Air Blower-Centrifugal Type

An air heat blower works by passing air across a heated element to elevate the temperature of the air. Hot air can be used for various applications ranging from heating a space, to drying coatings and parts, to de-flashing plastic components, to heating parts in a manufacturing process.
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