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Picture of Concrete Hammer-Voltage:220V

Concrete Hammer-Voltage:220V

A tool used for breaking up concrete: A concrete hammer is a heavy-duty tool used in construction for breaking up concrete or other hard materials.
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Picture of Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer

Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer

The Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer (Schmidt Hammer) test is the quickest, simplest and least expensive method for non-destructive evaluation of concrete and other masonry materials. It is most ideally suited to the measurement of material uniformity over large areas of structure. It provides a measure of relative material surface hardness and is used extensively for the testing of concrete and rock.
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Picture of Digital Rebound Test Hammer-Impact Energy:2.207j(0.225kgf.M)

Digital Rebound Test Hammer-Impact Energy:2.207j(0.225kgf.M)

A digital rebound test hammer, also known as a digital Schmidt hammer, is a non-destructive testing device used to assess the compressive strength and quality of concrete by measuring the rebound of a spring-loaded hammer that impacts the surface of the concrete.
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Picture of  Rebar Scanner

Rebar Scanner

A rebar scanner is a non-destructive testing instrument used to locate and map the presence, location, and depth of reinforcement bars (rebars) within a concrete structure. It is also known as a reinforcement scanner or a reinforcement detector.
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Picture of Static Plate Load Test (ev2)

Static Plate Load Test (ev2)

Ev2 Plate Bearing Test Set Static Deformation Testing Machine USAGE OVERVIEW:Ev2 Plate bearing test set is used to measure the settlement value of Subgrade under static load, so as to evaluate the bearing capacity and deformation of subgrade.
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Picture of Laboratory Concrete Mixer (Motorized)

Laboratory Concrete Mixer (Motorized)

A concrete mixer (often colloquially called a cement mixer) is a device that homogeneously combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete..
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