WACO Digital Tachometer Model No - DT-2235B

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A Waco Digital Multimeter with a terminal blocking system Voltage, current, and resistance are measurements that are made with devices known as digital multimeters. Users of all skill levels may quickly and easily understand measured values thanks to digital displays.
Manufacturer WACO
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Product Specification 

* Model No - DT-2235B Electronic Contact Tachometer

* Brand -  WACO

* Measuring Range -  0.5 to 19,999 RPM

* Resolution - 

* Speed - 0.05 to 1,999.9

* Power Supply - 1.5 V AA Battery


Handheld Various types of equipment, such as conveyors, windmills, rotary feeders, grinders, dryers, cooling equipment, augers, and elevators, are checked for RPM and other spinning metrics using digital tachometers. An electric tachometer operates on the basis of relative motion between the linked device's shaft and magnetic field. The tachometer's motor functions as a generator, generating voltage based on the speed of the shaft. It keeps track of how many spins the crankshaft completes per minute. To prevent unneeded damage, it is crucial for the user to be aware of the engine's RPM and its operating range. Alternating current or direct current are both compatible with the gadget.