YOKINS CT-RW30 50/5A Current Transformer

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Short Description:
Yokins In power systems, current transformers are instrument transformers that are used for measurement and protection. The C.T. is typically employed in a power system to monitor strong alternating currents.
Manufacturer Yokins
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Product Specification

* YOKINS  CT-RW30 50/5 Current Transformer

* Typ e:- Round type Polycarbonate Casing

* Primary rating:-50A

* Secondary rating-5A

* Burden-2.5VA

* Accuracy Class:-5.0 

* Make-YOKINS  

* Standard: IS 2705

* Warranty-1 year manufacture warranty    


A device called a current transformer is used to convert current from a greater value to a proportionate current to a lower value. The ammeter can safely monitor how much current is passing across transmission lines because it transforms high voltage current into low voltage current.
When the current to be measured is so large that it is not practical to make the metre or instrument coil with a sufficient current carrying capacity, the current transformer is employed with AC instruments, metres, or control equipment.