YOKINS Y4-AA1 Digital AMMETER 0 -5A (CT Selectable) (96x48mm)

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Short Description:
Digital Ammeter is used to determine how much electrical current is flowing across a circuit. The measurements are expressed in amps, which is the unit used to measure electrical current.
Manufacturer Yokins
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

* Auxiliary Supply:   170-250V AC Supply (Other supply voltages on demand).
* Accuracy:   Class 1.0
* Standard:   IEC62053-21/22
* Inputs:  Current Secondary(5A).  
* Dimension:  96 x 48 x 85 mm.
* Panel Cutout: 92mm x 45mm.
* Standards for enclosure:  IP-20(Back), IP-65(Front)

Parameter displayed:  AC Current
- 4 digit seven segment display
- CT primary range 1A to 50kA AC programmable
- CT Secondary range 0.5A to 5A - AC programmable
- Password protected
- True RMS measurement of parameters
- Auto scaling of parameter values
- Two switches for easy onsite programming.
- Touch proof voltage & current terminals.
- Compact size and light weight.
- ABS dust-proof rugged casing.
- Current displayed with Kilo indication


An ammeter can be used to measure electric current. It is most typically used to gauge the movement of electricity in residential and commercial electrical systems. An ammeter can be used to measure both DC and AC current. It may be used to monitor current anywhere in daily life, including in cars, refrigerators, heaters, and delicate machinery. It is a panel mounted metre that can be used in electrical panels or any other business to measure continuous current. Digital ammeters are used to measure AC current from 70 mA to 5 A AC directly or up to 50 K A AC using CT.