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Digital Hour meter or Time totalizer, 4 digit with resolution 1 minute or 1 hour

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Digital Hour Meter or Time Totalizer,Auxiliary Supply-170-250V AC
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Parameter Displayed: Run Hour (HHHH or HH:MM)
4 digit Display

Yokins Hour meter or time totalizer is a self starting meter which ensure accurate summation of ON time of any machine, circuit, panel, or any industrial or domestic equipment fed from AC supply. Each time the machine is switched ON, the Hour meter records the running time of that machine and adds the same in its previous readings precisely.

Even if the machine is switched off, the memory inside it helps it to retain the last time on which it was stopped. And the next time when it is switched ON it starts recording time duration from the reading it stoped previously.

It can display time in two formats HHHH and HH.MM, which can be selected from the programing mode by entering factory set password. Also user can reset the reading if he wants by going in the programing mode through password. Password can also be changed by the user, and can make sure that no one else can alter or reset the reading.

Meter can be used to meausre the duration or total time during which the machine was kept ON. The purpose can be to cut down production cost by checking the operating hours of the machine or equipment.

Auxiliary Supply: 170-250V AC  Supply (Other supply voltages on demand)
Accuracy: Class 0.2
Dimension: 72x72 x 43 mm
Panel Cutout: 68 x 68 x 40 mm
Standards for enclosure: IP-20(Back), IP-65(Front).