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Digital Three Phase Kilo watt meter, AC -/5A, 500V (CT/PT Selectable), 96x96sqmm

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Digital Three phase Kilo Watt Meter AC, -/5A,500V(CT/PT Selectable)
Manufacturer Yokins
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Manufacturer part number YOKINS Y9-KW
Place Of Origin India
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Parameter displayed:  Active power consumption of three phases
Features:  - Microcontroller based meters with low VA burden
- 4 digit 3 line seven segment display
- CT primary range 1A to 50kA AC programmable
- CT Secondary range 0.5A to 5A - AC programmable
- PT primary range 50V to 500kV AC programmable
- PT Secondary 50V to 500V AC programmable
- Simultaneous display of 3 instantaneous parameters
- Password protected
- True RMS measurement of parameters
- Auto scaling of parameter values
- Two switches for easy onsite programming.
- Touch proof voltage & current terminals.
- Compact size and light weight.
- ABS dust-proof rugged casing.

Auxiliary Supply:  170-250V AC  Supply (Other supply voltages on demand).
Accuracy:  Class 1.0
Standard:   IEC62053-21/22
Inputs:  Voltage (upto 500V)
              Current Secondary (upto 5A).  
Dimension: 96x96x57 mm.
Panel Cutout:  92mm x 92mm.
Standards for enclosure:  IP-20(Back),IP-65(Front)