YOKINS Y9-Watt, Digital Single phase watt meter, Range 1 Watt to 1250 Watt AC(Direct) and upto 9000KW using CT, -/5A, 300V (CT Selectable), 96x96sqmm

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Short Description:
The Digital Watt Meter is a device used to measure the electrical power or the rate at which electrical energy is supplied to any given circuit in watts. For the measurement of utility frequency and audio frequency power, electromagnetic watt meters are employed; additional types are necessary for radio frequency measurements.
Manufacturer Yokins
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

* Accuracy: Class 1.0
* Model: Y9-Watt
* Current Range 5mA- 5A AC (CT selectable)
* Wattage Range 1W to 1250W(DIRECT) and upto 9000KW using CT
* Voltage Range 15V-300V
* Auxiliary Supply: Auxiliary 220V AC Supply ( other supply voltages on demand )
* Measurement: True RMS
 * Dimension 96x96x85 mm
 * Display: 4-digit Single Line digital display.

  Microcontroller based meters with low VA burden.
  4 digit Single line display with kilo indicator.
  Two button CT selectable
  True RMS measurement of parameters.                                                       
  Auto scaling of parameter values.
  Touch proof voltage & current terminals.
  Compact size and light weight.
  ABS dust-proof rugged casing.   


wattmeter is used in laboratories to conduct experiments as well as with electrical devices to gauge their power ratings and consumption.