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Picture of Wire Cable Terminals Crimp Connector-195*130*35MM/0.5-16MM

Wire Cable Terminals Crimp Connector-195*130*35MM/0.5-16MM

Wire Cable Terminals Crimp Connector is used to terminate stranded wire with a solderless electrical connector. Crimp connections, also known as crimp terminals, can be terminated to various arrangements of screw terminals, wire splices, and spade-foot connectors depending on the kind.
₹ 29.00 ₹ 33.35
Picture of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine-45Ton

Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine-45Ton

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) machines are steerable, trenchless drilling rigs for the installation of pipes, conduits, and cables underground in a shallow arc. They are commonly used for installations below waterways and roadways to avoid disturbing the ground above.
₹ 94,87,500.00 ₹ 95,45,000.00
Picture of Cable Reel

Cable Reel

A cable reel is a round, drum-shaped object such as a spool used to carry various types of electrical wires. Cable reels, which can also be termed as drums, have been used for many years to transport electric cables, fiber optic cables and wire products.
₹ 23,000.00 ₹ 26,450.00
Picture of Mobile Platform Ladder-4Ft.

Mobile Platform Ladder-4Ft.

A Mobile Ladder Stand is a movable, fixed height, self-supporting ladder consisting of wide flat treads in the form of steps which give access to a Top Step.
₹ 1,84,000.00 ₹ 2,11,600.00
Picture of Wire Thread Insert-Size:UNC1x8-3.0 D

Wire Thread Insert-Size:UNC1x8-3.0 D

Wire thread inserts are helically coiled fastening devices that are used to seal tapped holes against failures brought on by stripping, seizing, corrosion, and wear with permanent, wear-resistant screw threads that are stronger than the majority of parent materials.
₹ 7,344.00 ₹ 10,491.00
Picture of CPVC Fitting(Cross-SOC)-Size:1Inch

CPVC Fitting(Cross-SOC)-Size:1Inch

In the plumbing system, this CPVC fitting controls the flow of hot and cold water at vertical crossings. A variety of pipes with various diameters and pressure carrying capacities can use the cross tee.
₹ 76.00 ₹ 146.00
Picture of CPVC Fitting(Elbow 90°- SOC)-Size:1 1⁄4Inch

CPVC Fitting(Elbow 90°- SOC)-Size:1 1⁄4Inch

CPVC Fitting(Elbow 90°- SOC) is a special piece of CPVC plastic that is used to guide water flow in three separate directions, all at 90-degree angles to one another.
₹ 24.00 ₹ 46.50
Picture of Wire stripping machine B10

Wire stripping machine B10

Automatic Wire stripping machine-Capacity:100 to 700 kg/Day 8Hr, Voltage;220 V
₹ 48,000.00 ₹ 49,551.00


Picture of CI Casting

CI Casting

Cast irons are now used in pipelines, machinery, and automobile parts and have a wide range of engineering applications. Engine blocks, cylinder heads, and gearboxes are typical applications. Its utility is increased by the fact that it is resistant to oxidation damage.
₹ 64.50
Picture of  MS Angle

MS Angle

An MS angle, sometimes referred to as a Mild Steel angle, is a cross-section with a L shape that is employed in a number of home and building construction projects. Angles made of mild steel that have two equal-sized sides and form a 90-degree angle are significantly more typical. Price Per kg Qty unit in kg
₹ 59.00
Picture of Solar Cell Poly(Reduced Spec Catalog),Size:18.4

Solar Cell Poly(Reduced Spec Catalog),Size:18.4

Solar Cell Poly(Reduced Spec Catalog),Size:18.4
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Picture of CR Sheet-527*345*0.45

CR Sheet-527*345*0.45

CR Sheet-527*345*0.45
₹ 65.00
Picture of Straight Bar-12MM

Straight Bar-12MM

Straight Bar-12MM is when two cylindrical, straight rods are affixed to the barbell's ends on either side. The weight plates are attached to this part of the barbell to increase resistance.
₹ 73.90
Picture of Circular Hollow Section (CHS)-Size:88.9x4.8 MM

Circular Hollow Section (CHS)-Size:88.9x4.8 MM

Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) are round tubular steel sections that are used for a variety of purposes in civil engineering. They are usually available in the market as hot-rolled or cold-formed sections. Price are Per Kg Basis
₹ 64.80

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-01 December 2022
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-24 November 2022
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-17 November 2022
When considering how to assemble their products, many design engineers have a fundamental question: What are the distinctions between adhesives and sealants, what tasks are they best suited for, and how does one choose which ones to use for which materials and applications? The distinctions between adhesives and sealants are only sometimes readily apparent because they might occasionally be constructed of comparable materials and need similar processing durations.